Sunday Snowy Sunday

I tire of snow. It was fine when it really was snow but it has since turned to pretty much solid ice. It still looks like fluffy snow that calls to you to come play, but when you run out into it you find that it is all a lie! A soggy yet still physics defyinly frozen lie! Defyingly is totally a word… Don’t bother looking it up… just take my word for it. I mean how can it be both wet AND frozen?

Its like when you bring home a baby raccoon as a pet because it is all cute and cuddly (which is a thing people do apparently) and then realize after its grown up that it is still a face mauling raccoon and you have to call animal control to come get the thing out of your house while your entire family is forced to live in the tree house in the back yard… What was I talking about? Oh yeah, snow.

This is the south more specifically North Carolina. Despite having north in the name we are firmly planted in the south, unlike those posers in Virginia, or as I like to call them, the hat of the south… But I digress… Being in the south we are not accustomed to snow. As previously stated we tend to panic when it snow. It snowed about 5 inches Wednesday night into Thursday morning and THE SNOW IS STILL HERE! Normally it snows and then melts away the next day. This snow is different, this snow is evil, it refuses to go anywhere. Partially because the temperature hasn’t gotten out of the high 30’s since then, bur mostly because of the evilness. It has now completely turned to ice. Leaving the house requires a level of acrobatics that I do not possess.

So I’m stuck inside occasionally looking out the window at the inviting deathtrap that used to be snow. It taunts me. It taunts me. But I dare not venture out into its icy grasp. I’ll just sit here in my warm house, drink my hot tea and read a good book. You know… Winter isn’t so bad after all.



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