Over the weekend my dad commissioned me to take a photo. One of his friends turns 80 today and he wanted me to take a picture of the house the man was born in so he could give it to him as a gift. He drove me past the house on Friday afternoon while giving me an idea of what he wanted. I only got a glimpse of the house as we passed by, it was dilapidated and on the verge of collapsing under its own weight. Dad wanted to get a picture of it while it was still standing.

Saturday I grabbed my camera, drove out to the farm and found the house. I walked around a bit trying to get the whole layout in my mind, my favorite part. The outline of what used to be a house stood before me. Boards were missing from the front and sides, a section of roof had been torn away by storms. Somehow the framework was still holding. It looked bad. Weeds were waist high all around, higher in other places, saplings had grown to be 6 feet tall.   After a few minutes of thought I began to take photos, eight in all, from three different angles. Happy with what I had I headed back home to begin my other favorite part, editing.

Editing may be my most favorite of all. I could spend hours making the tiniest of changes just to see how it effects the end product. I’ve even gone back to old photos to see how newly learned editing techniques can improve my less than stellar work. I’ve found that a lot of what makes a good photo can be done in the editing. My dad wanted either a black and white or sepia toned photo, so I made a few quick changes to the photos that I had uploaded and presented him with his options. He chose this:

1-3-15 008

I’m happy with the way it turned out and if everything goes well he will get a signed framed print by the end of the week (It would have been sooner but the developer at CVS was out of order.). One day I’d like to make photography a legitimate source of income. Until then this will have to do.



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