Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you wear green today? I did not. Don’t get me wrong, when I got dressed this morning I was wearing green, but when I looked in the mirror I said NO. No, I will not bow to societies demands… either that or I found a spot on my green shirt so I had to change. But since the first thing makes me sound more like a rebel then I’ll go with that one.

I was expecting- and if I’m honest hoping for- some flak from my coworkers but I got none. I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing; it either means that they don’t care enough to engage with me or that they are intimidated by me. I think I saw a slight twinkle in a couple of their eyes but it quickly vanishes and they moved along. Either way it isn’t good.

It does, however, remind me of a story for St. Patrick’s Day past. *Star Wipe* I was over at a friend’s apartment probably playing video games. It was somewhere in the 2004 to 2006 time range. Sitting there minding my own business probably getting the crap kicked out of me in some halo game.

Turns out when you really don’t have time to play video games you tend to be less good at them than people who play 8-12 hours a day.

Anyway, in comes one of his friends, she didn’t knock, apparently when you’ve lived in this town long enough you no longer need to knock. She begins bounding around the room pinching anyone who wasn’t wearing green. She even pinched a few people who were in green, I know this because they protested loudly, she would reply by telling them it was the wrong shade or that it was really blue. She was really like a bumble bee but instead of delivering venomous, possibly deadly stings, she was delivering mildly annoying pinches.

She then turns to me. I was wearing a grey t-shirt and blue jeans. She studies me for a second, I take notice of this, and she eventually says “You’re not wearing green.” “Nope” I replied. “I don’t know you that well… so I’m not going to pinch you” That’s probably for the best. Then I think she used the bathroom and then left again. This was a common theme at my friends place.

I really had no point to that story other than I seem to be very intimidating when I’m not trying to be but when I AM trying to be intimidating people just think I’m being funny. It is kind of a problem.

Do you guys have any stories of St. Patrick’s Day hijinks or lack thereof?

Hope you all had a pain free St. Patrick’s Day!



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