“An All Round Printer” I am not… yet

In a past life I must have been a printer. I majored in it in College and my first job after graduation was as a press assistant at a direct mail (Junk Mail) printing facility. I loved the work but not the atmosphere, but that is a story for another time.

About 8 years ago I bought a 3×5 Kelsey Letterpress along with 3 different fonts. I don’t know if you know anything about letter presses but the generally use raised metal type, which means each letter, each punctuation and each space has to be meticulously placed in the press in order to make a print.

Letterpresses also print directly onto the paper which means that the type is reversed… Here is where the problem came in. I bought the press off of Ebay from someone in the Midwest (I live on the east coast) So it had to be shipped UPS to get here and when it arrived…


See all those empty slots? They’re not supposed to be empty. Somehow during the shipping, even though great care was taken by the sender, the type all got over to one side. Sad, even though I have this amazing piece of equipment  haven’t really printed anything. Since all the type is out of order everything has to be removed and then painstakingly put back in its proper place. Well tonight I started on that task… Well, I mostly just dusted everything off and cleaned out all the compartments. I hope to have everything organized by the end of the week. What’s so hard about it you ask? Well everything is tiny and backwards some of it is nearly impossible to read.


I mean. We can all agree that this is an H without having to do a whole lot of squinting. Right?


But What exactly is this one?

20151004_203604 (2)

 Oh… Its an E. I think…
Unless its upside down…

The rest of this week I plan to spend an hour or two a night organizing and cleaning my equipment. I miss printing.

Wish me luck!