This is All Steve’s Fault!

Seems like if it drops below 20 degrees my internet goes out. There was a time when I would get angry and call customer service immediately after the outage and be a smart ass to the customer service rep, but I just can’t get angry anymore. I know that whoever I talk to on the other end of that line is probably reading from a script and is definitely just doing their job. It isn’t Steve from Omaha’s* fault that my internet went out and there is probably isn’t a thing in the world he can do to fix it. I’m also probably the 50th person he’s spoken with today, all of whom have been on hold for at least 25 minutes so he’s been yelled at most of those 50 people.

The last time I got an attitude with one of these reps was when he was desperately trying to up sale me on a premium package while I was calling him to report a service outage. I figure if they can’t get a basic package to work then I’m not just going to start bundling my phone and TV with it. It was only after I said no for what had to be 12,000 times** and he still persisted that I started to turn in to a jerk. So he made me do it. It was all Steve fault.

But it wasn’t Steve’s fault. Steve is just like the rest of us. He’s doing what he has to do to put food on the table. We’re never going to get a chance to yell at the people who are actually at fault so be nice to all the Steve from Omaha’s of the world because I can almost guarantee you that he wishes he was anywhere else.


* His name was not actually Steve and he wasn’t from Omaha.

** It was probably more like 3 or 4 times but it FELT like 12,000 so its still Steve’s fault


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