Snow Days

Snow days

Monday night it started to snow. Sometime Tuesday morning it turned into sleet. This means I woke up Tuesday morning to find 2 to 3 inches of solid frozen snow blanketing everything. This also means that, because I live in the south, that everything, including the library was closed. When it starts to snow down here we all panic and run around in circles waving our arms in the air.

Snow days used to be great when I was a kid, not so much now that I’m an adult. When I got the email that we would be closed for the day I said “Yes! Imma binge watch me some X Files!” What did I do? I watched me about 3 episodes of X Files and then slept the rest of the day. Seriously, I woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon. And if that wasn’t bad enough I slept wrong. You know sometimes you wake up and your neck hurts or your back is sore… I had all of it. However you are supposed to sleep I did the exact opposite. My neck was in such a way that I couldn’t hold my head up and my back was tied in such a knot that I couldn’t even stand up straight. I went into work on Wednesday looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame.

Oh and remember the part where I said I’d slept until 4:30 in the afternoon? Right. That meant that I was awake until nearly 3 am Wednesday morning. So I spent most of Wednesday just trying to stay awake. This is a long winded way for me to say that I really don’t care much for snow. Now, I could take responsibility for my actions and say that none of this would have happened if I had actually done something productive with my day off, you know, like read a book, write, exercise or anything really besides sleep. But because I live in a society where it is almost always someone else’s fault I think I’ll blame the snow. Stupid inanimate snow…

I didn’t even take any pictures! Stupid snow.



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