Calling an Audible

I became an Audible member about 4 months ago because I really wanted to read Andy Weir’s Martian but our copy was missing and I didn’t want to have to order a copy off of Amazon. I’m kinda lazy ok? Besides I had heard that you could get a free audio book just for signing up to Audible, so I did it. I downloaded The Martian. I think I listened to it over a weekend, great book! Then the next month came around and I got another credit. What do I do with my new shiny credit? I was like a kid in a candy store, only this store had a nearly infinite supply of candy. “Let’s be practical” I tell myself. I should use this to catch up on my nonfiction reading. But wait! This book looks really interesting, too many titles pulling my interest, I had to focus. I cannot waist these credits, they are precious… my precious. Too far? OK.

I looked into getting the discworld series because even though my friends have been after me for years to read them I haven’t. But Audible didn’t have the whole series. I didn’t want to start and not be able to finish. So I thought a bit longer. Finally I decided on Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”. I had seen a trailer for a movie that was coming out and we had just gotten the Audio CD version at work so I decided to use my credit on that one. It was a good book. I did enjoy it, not as much as The Martian, but a good “read”.

Here I am at the beginning of another month with another credit at my disposal. What to read? I think I’ve decided to go with Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I haven’t checked to see if Audible has it. (I’ll do that once I’ve finished writing) My friend tells me its bad. But I’m interested enough to give it a try at least.  I’ve read very little of Stephen King, but I like what I have read so far. I think I’ve decided to spend my Audible credits on books that interest me…. But not enough for me to actually pick up the book and read it. Again, I’m lazy. If you have any suggestions let me know!




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