Feed Dump

I was planning to write when I got home from work yesterday. I was planning on reading when I got home from work yesterday. I was planning on exercising when I got home from work yesterday. I did none of those things. Want to guess what I did do? Sleep. Yep. I got home from work. I was probably asleep by 6:30 pm which means I did absolutely nothing worthwhile. It also means that I woke up at 2:30 this morning, a full 4 hours before my alarm clock went off. Instead of exercising (morning exercise leaves me dead on my feet by midafternoon) or reading (I was afraid it would put me back to sleep) I watched disc 2 of The Sarah Conner Chronicles. And in spite of my best efforts I still fell asleep somewhere around 6am which really made it tough to get up with my 6:30 alarm.

Anyway, I’m writing now and I’ll be writing in some for another hour. After which I will read more of “The Village Beyond”. I nearly stopped reading this book because it’s kind of boring. So far this is a story or a middle aged couple on vacation in Italy in the mid 1960’s, doing all the things couples do on a vacation to Italy, you know like checking into the hotel, sleeping off jet lag, going to a nice restaurant, having too much to drink and then getting lost trying to get back to their hotel. I keep reading it in hopes that the story will get more interesting, the last time I did that I got through ¾ of the book before I realized I had completely wasted roughly 10 hours of my life reading a pointless book. There was a bit in the beginning about him being stationed in Italy during World War II and falling for this girl, I’m hoping that she will reappear soon.

In other new one of my photos was submitted accepted and posted to a photography blog! I’m pretty sure the only requirement for approval is that you submit the photo on time but I’ll take it! You can see it along with many other wonderful photos at http://leannecolephotography.com/2015/01/14/mm45-monochrome-madness-45/

On the #BeardWatch2015 front my beard has reached the itchy like crazy stage. It’s the time where your beard is a lot like a giant mosquito bite on your face. It itches. And scratching it only makes the itching worse. Scratching too much causes my face to turn all red and look like I have a major skin condition. :/

Other than waking up WAY to early things have been going pretty good. I may get to hang out with a friend this weekend, one I don’t get to see all that often so hopefully everything will go as planned! I also need to upload some photos I took for work.



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