To Beard Or Not To Beard

Classes start tomorrow so this morning I decided to trim my beard a little. I was just trying to clean up all the little stray hairs and what not since I hadn’t done anything to it since Christmas break. I made a SLIGHT miscalculation and trimmed too much off of one side. After trimming the other side to match I decided that the way my beard looked made my face took stupid (Well, More so than usual) so I shaved the whole thing off leaving the mustache. I’ve never shaved my mustache for as far back as I can remember.

After I got to work I went to the bathroom to make sure the massive downpour of rain hadn’t completely washed me of my dignity. Looking in the mirror I began to study my mustache. I usually keep it at sort of Fu Manchu level, I don’t know why, always have so I never put much thought into it. Anyway, after my mis-shavings this morning I ended up with something that closely resembled a Tom Selleck but not in a good way. It seems that having a thicker luscious mustache when you have a thick luscious beard works. Having a thick luscious mustache without a thick luscious beard makes you look like you are stuck in an 80’s country music video. So after dinner this evening I shaved the mustache off.

For the first time in 15 years there is no hair on my upper lip. It feels weird. I’m going to let it all grow back. I normally keep a full beard this time of year on account of it being cold. I didn’t realize how much warmth a beard provides until I didn’t have one. My face was freezing!

I expect my beard to make a full recovery in a week or two but until then I’ll be on #BeardWatch2015 Join me won’t you? I’ll be updating it every few days or until someone begs me to stop.

(Note: I was going to post a photo but due to razor burn and the general unpleasantness that is my face I’ve decided to spare you the horror)



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