Pony Express Vs. Fed Ex

In 1860 the Pony Express was created as a way to connect the east and west of the United States. Riders could make it from Missouri to Sacramento California is about 10 days, traveling over 1,800 miles. Now, this wasn’t 1800 miles of open road 4 lane interstate driving in a fancy, modern day automobile. No sir, this was on horse-back through open plains and over treacherous mountain passes.

Why the history lesson you ask? Because I sent a package via Fed Ex from North Carolina on Monday December 15th bound for Texas, expecting it to reach its destination in 3 to 4 days considering we have all these modern conveniences that the boys of the pony express didn’t have. You know, things like cars, planes, and antibiotics. That last one really doesn’t come into play with my rant but I just felt like pointing it out (Although according to Wikipedia Antibiotics were developed in the 1870’s)

I needed it to arrive before December 20th. Plenty of time, I though. I thought wrong. I kept track of it with a tracking number through the Fed Ex website. According to the website it arrive at its destination on the 21st of December (which is a Sunday I might add. I didn’t realize they delivered on Sundays.) Great! Except the intended recipient has already left town. Boo! Not boo that the intended recipient had gone home for Christmas… but boo that the package didn’t arrive in time.

Now, if you remember from the first paragraph (And if you don’t I’ll wait for you to reread it. Ready? Good.) The Pony Express could carry mail 1,800 miles in about 10 days over deadly snow covered mountains on horse-back. According to Google my package only had to travel 1300 miles, so what’s the deal with that? I almost feel like I could train a carrier pigeon to do it in less time.

I realize that in this modern age of technology we have an unrealistic view of time. I used to complain about how long it took to pay my phone bill using their automated system until I realized it took less than 45 seconds. But I feel like 6 days to deliver a package is just too long in this day and age.

I even had a blog post ready for when it arrived. But I’ve not been able to post it because or spoilers… So that means that Fed Ex is also denying all of you the gold that was that amazing blog post. Possibly the best one I’ve ever written. And no one will ever see it. At least not for the next few days.

The lesson here is not to send things via Fed Ex Smart Post if you want it to get there in time.

Oh! And Merry Christmas!!




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