I Need More Structure…

I should live a more structured life. This is a decision I make every few weeks when I realize that I’ve done nothing of merit for those few weeks. I followed through with it for about two months last year but then my work schedule changed and threw my rhythm off, which is the excuse I’m going with anyway.

As I write this I look around my room and see a stack of nearly 30 books that need to be read (Too many trips to the used book store) a guitar that hasn’t been played in way too long Camera bag sans camera (Its around here somewhere) D&D Books and a campaign that is in desperate need to be written. My friends have probably all given up on the idea that we’ll ever play. I am surrounded by all these neat creative outlets and all I ever do after I get home from work is Netflix and occasionally ride my exercise bike.

I started this blog in hopes of having something to hold me accountable for my actions, or lack of as it stands currently. Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested fame tried to go out every day while on tour find something cool and write about it. My goal is to do that once a week. But if my short history on this is any indication then I’m going to fail miserably at this

So my goal for this week is to read an hour a day, write an hour a day exercise an hour a day and at least try to play guitar every night, No promises that that will be an hour a night. I’ll check in later on in the week to let y’all know how things are going.

I’m only writing this last sentence because I wanted to break the 300 word mark in Word.


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